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Dubai Frame - World’s Largest Picture Frame


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An architectural masterpiece with the view of the best worlds – the old and the modern faces of Dubai is building right in the center of Dubai for public display.
Called the Dubai frame, true to its name, is a 150 meter tall two poles made of glass connected on top with different levels. Made of glass and embezzled with gold stainless steel cladding, this new state-of-the-art architecture has opened since the 1st of Jan to pay tribute to the evolution of Dubai.
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Prepare to be awed and enthralled, by the museum on the first floor. As you walk through the exhibitions, take a journey back in time with us. With 3d projections and with the help of augmented reality, the past will look like a flashback in front of you, or rather as if you’re on a time machine and you’re experiencing the rich past of this place.
Above the museum, we’ll take you to the Sky Deck Level where true to its name, the view is a perfect framing of the past and the present together. With the old hues of the past on your North, the proud modern Dubai on your left, this floor is ideal for videography.
This is not the end yet. After you’re done looking at the Past vs Present live film of Dubai, there’s the Future of Dubai you need to see. With almost psychedelic effect, once you’re on the third level, you’ll feel like you’re actually taken to the future. What you will see here is what Dubai will be 50 years from now. Wouldn’t you want to see the future now, with your own eyes?
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  • This is so amazing, Really looking forward to this excursion.

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